Text Advertising on Emailwire.com

Benefits of Text Ads or Text Advertising:
Emailwire.com is now providing text ads or text advertising. Text ads have become one of the best form of advertising because they are less intrusive, and online users click on them more than other forms of online advertisements. Text advertising increases website's search engine optimization (SEO) and serves as direct sales. Prospective clients click on text ads and are taken directly to a shopping cart or a landing page.

Why Place Text Ads or Text Advertising on EmailWire.Com:
EmailWire.Com is a global newswire and a press release distribution with professional audiences who are business owners, corporate executives, public relations experts and journalists who cover industry news on specific topics. Decision makers use EmailWire.Com to track companies, products and services for their own benefits. You can reach these audiences with your text advertising.

Text Advertising specifications:

  • Title Link - Your text advertising title link should be no more than 25 characters long. This includes spaces.
  • Body text - This is were you describe your ad. It should not be more than 90 characters long - including spaces.
  • Domain name - Your domain name appears right at the bottom of your text advertising. It should not be longer than 25 characters.

See sample text ad below:

When submitting your text ads, please include the URL to be hyperlinked to your title ad and to your Domain name.

Your text ad is prominently placed on the top right column at the home page of EmailWire.Com and on every press release to give you the ultimate visibility.

Purchase Text Advertising:
The price for a text ad is $575 per month. To buy your text ad, download and complete this form with payment information. Email your text ad or ads, based on the specifications above. If you have any questions about our text ads or other services, please send us e-mail via our contact form or call us at 281-645-4086.