Press Releases Free

Free press releases are not really free - two business models that want your press releases.
There are very many free press release distribution services online. Many comapanies or individuals may be attracted to the word "free" and hope to save moneny by using these services. What they fail to understand is that the old adage, "You get what you pay for." applies today - even with press release distribution.

Free Press releases with Ads
Businesses that operate free press release services do it to make money through advertisement. Hence they'll accept any press release without editing control. This model demands them to have as much content as possible so that they attract traffic. More traffic means more eye bolls for their advertisements. No attention is paid to any particular press release.

Free Press releases with Premium Services
The second business model for free press release service is "give and take." These sites accept free press release then charge their clients for premium services. Some of these sites also sell advertisement. Companies with this business model do not pay attention to free press releases that have been submitted on their sites; they only pay attention to paid press releases that are under premium services.

Both businesses models do not pay attention to submitted free press releases. They accept any content whether good or bad; there is no editorial control. The result is that a good press releases are often burried in avalanche of irrelevant content also known as press release spam. You do not want this to happen to your press release.

EmailWire.Com does not accept free press releases. Our press releases are written by legitimate companies and we pay attention to each press release that is submitted. Our editorial staff help our clients with the editing of their press releases and often catch possible errors. Our staff sometimes give press release writing tips to our clients. This is just another way are a "Press release distribution service with guranteed results.(TM)"


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