Press Release Services, a global newswire and press release distribution services, uses major newswire services, NewsML, XML/RSS, FTP feeds, Social news networks, blogs and other Internet-based technologies to distribute press releases to your target audiences. We take your press releases directly to thousands of journalists and consumers. Our news is distributed to guaranteed distribution points; this means no e-mails are bounced back, no rejection by journalists. Your news is published - guaranteed!

Our distribution channels with major newswire services and GroupWeb Network enables your release to reach or appear on thousands of websites of global, national and local newspapers, television and radio stations, online news sites, databases, intranets or extranets, blogs, social news networks, news aggretors and syndication services such as Moreover, Google News, News Knowledge, Topix, Lexis-Nexis, Factiva and many more. See sample press release distribution list.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) & Web 2.0 Press Releases

All press releases posted and published on EmailWire.Com are search engine optimized (SEO). Our system allow you to place anchored text or keyword hyperlinks when you post your press release. This feature enables search engines to index and archive your press release according to relevancy of your product or service. Your press releases are archived on, so that online users, journalists will to continue fine your message - thereby bringing more leads over and over.

EmailWire.Com also distributes your press release with anchored keywords to GroupWeb Network and partner news sites. If you include images, video or other media types, our system will disbute your multimedia releases to other news sites as well. EmailWire.Com, GroupWeb Network and partner news sites have social and sharing tools that enable online readers to save, share and publish your press releases - hence providing a viral distribution of your news releases.

EmailWireClip™ Reports:

After we distribute your press release, we provide you with a EmailWireClip™-- a report from our clipping service. Use it to watch your press release appear in full text or links over online news sites, databases, newswires and search engines. This report contains a minimum of 10 clippings or links for $50.

Press Release Writing Service:

  • We craft your SEO press release in 400 words or less in a newsworthy format. Turnaround time is within 48 hours:
  • We write your press release in 400 words or less based on your product or service.
  • We extract information from your website, newsletters or any other related documents on your product or service; we also gather information from you or from any other key person of your company through a simple email questionnaire, then we use that information to write a concise but newsworthy press release.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. After we write your press release, we submit it to you for approval. We do not distribute your press release until you are completely satisfied.
  • Our service is fast and accurate. We write and distribute your press release within 48 hours with your approval.
  • See one of press releases we have written and distributed here, or if you need help with writing your own press release, visit our press release writing tips page.

Press Release Writing & Distribution Package:

For $299, we'll write and distribute your press release to online major news sites, RSS feeds, social network sites and blogs. Buy this Package.
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