Clinically-Formulated Vitamin C Serum Shown To Reduce Wrinkles

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Clearwater, FL -- Derma-nu, providers of organic and natural skin care products formulated with medically advanced and clinically-proven ingredients, announces that their Vitamin C Serum has been shown to be effective in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. A... more

Dynamic Beauty Tools Offers Two Guarantees On Eye Makeup Brush Kit

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Clearwater, Florida -- Dynamic Beauty Tools announces that it is offering both a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well as a Lifetime Guarantee on its Eye Makeup Brush Kit. "We are so pleased to be offering these Money Back Guarantees," says Dynamic Beauty Tools... more

6-Piece Eye Makeup Brush Set Comes With Salon-Quality Brushes

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Clearwater, Florida -- The offered by Dynamic Beauty Tools announces that its 6-piece eye makeup brush set features salon-quality brushes with tips for all application needs at an affordable price. Anna Loehwing, CEO of Dynamic Beauty Tools, knows that today's... more

Santulana Advises On Vitamin C Intake

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Chattanooga, TN -- Yvonne Hitchcock, a director of Santulana, realizes that the way to health is a balance between exercise, relaxation and eating foods which are full of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C. "So many people are passionate when it comes to... more

Revenge Of The Pencil Sharpener

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Kirkland, WA -- While throngs of people go about the day welded to phones and tablet screens, texting friends, checking email, surfing news or snapping photos and selfies, a growing movement of counter-culturalists are stepping away from their computers, putting... more

Island Vibrance Releases Rest Repair, A Supplement That Builds Your Strength While You Sleep

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Lopez Island, Washington -- Island Vibrance just announced the release of Rest Repair, a new supplement that helps the body recover from a tough workout or even the rigors of every day life while sleeping. It is designed to dramatically improve recovery time and... more

Island Vibrance Releases Masculin Plus, A Powerful Male Enhancement Supplement

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Lopez Island, Washington -- Island Vibrance just announced the release of Masculin Plus, a new supplement that is designed dramatically improve men's stamina, desire, and sexual performance. This supplement is completely safe, natural, and non-inhibitory and can... more

Increase Of Candle-Related House Fires Calls For Awareness

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Glen Allen, Virginia -- Many household fires have been reported over the course of one month's time and most of them are cause by candles with open flames. With this, the American Red Cross have been raising attention for a long time among citizens about the precautions... more

Angel Crafts Transfer Paper Tape Makes A Steady Start In Amazon UK.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Sandy, Utah -- Angel Crafts is delighted to inform that their Transfer Paper Tape is off to an impressive start in Amazon UK. This product has already done well in, and the response from the UK market has been promising so far. An experienced manufacturer... more

Gorgrilla(TM) Releases Effective Grill Mats Against Grilling Issues

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Beaverton, Oregon -- Gorgrilla(TM) is glad to present the Gorgrilla Grilling Mat in the nick of time for the mid year grill/grilling season. This new item permits clients to grill on a grill without needing to stress over food burning, sticking, getting lost thorough... more

Free Shipping On Boosts Customer Satisfaction And Growth In Online Shopping.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Clearwater, FL -- Amazon offers general free shipping on purchases over $35 and for Amazon Prime members, same day shipping and holiday specials are offered at a steep discount. "We are excited to welcome more than ten million new members to Amazon Prime this... more

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411 Seasons Calls Improve Customer Service

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Elkhart, Indiana -- Exclusively being sold on, customers of the 411 Seasons Backseat Organizer are reporting excellent service from this new company. On top of this, 411 Seasons customer service shows to be improving as more positive feedback is received... more

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SmartMixture Offers New Chargio USB Chargers At Special Sale Price On Amazon

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Wilmington, Delaware -- SmartMixture LLC, the top technology development company based in Delaware, has just announced the launch of its latest innovation: the Chargio USB Chargers, one designed for use in the car and the other designed for wall charging, both with... more

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Planet Left Plans Launch Of A Range Of Left­-Handed Products On August 13 Left­Handers Day

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Beaverton, Oregon -- Planet Left is excited to announce that they have just developed a range of products especially for left­handed people. With an overwhelming product choice for right­handed people, Planet Left didn't want ‘lefties' to be disadvantaged. So the... more

Kickstarter Campaign Showcases Barvivo® Products

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 04, 2015 ) Copenhagen, Denmark -- The brother team of Martin and Philip Sparsø founded Barvivo® to go along with the brothers' interests in computer technology and design. Already, two of their products—a drink muddler and wine opener—have achieved unexpected success on,... more

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