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Solid State Drives Plays Important Role in Smart Factory

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 24, 2017 ) According to the new market research report "Solid State Drives Market by Capacity, Interface (SATA, SAS, PCIe), End User (Enterprise, Client), Application (Data Centers, Desktop PCs, Notebooks/Tablets, Entertainment Devices, Video Storage), and Region - Global... more

POS Terminals Market 2016 Trend, Analysis and Overview

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 23, 2017 ) POS terminals allow cashless transactions to sell goods. Retailers use POS terminals to manage information about their cash flows, customers, and inventory. A POS terminal enhances the shopping experience for customers by minimizing the payment processing time... more

Worldwide Cloud Infrastructure Testing Market 2016 Trend, Analysis and Overview

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 23, 2017 ) Cloud infrastructure testing involves testing of physical and virtual components like network, storage, and virtualization. It ensures the security of data and performance of the application deployed on the cloud. Clients using cloud-based solutions are opting... more

IT Security As A Service Market 2016 Emerging Trend, Size, Growth and Forecasts

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 23, 2017 ) The global IT security as a service market is growing steadily as cloud services remain the most promising market over the decade. Organizations can reduce risks by virtualizing applications and users, and integrating data leak protection functions into a secure... more

Workspace Aggregator Market 2016 Trend, Analysis and Overview

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 23, 2017 ) Workspace aggregator is a client application or a web portal or software that combines any multirole applications, such as Dropbox, Skype, and virtual desktop infrastructure, with devices and data to provide a single point access. The user can work in some or all... more

White Box Server Market 2016 Trends, Size, Growth and Forecast to 2020

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 22, 2017 ) In computer infrastructure, a white-box server is a storage or a network that does not have a well-known brand name. It includes systems assembled by small system integrators and design-to-built infrastructure manufactured and assembled by ODMs from parts purchased... more

Interactive Tables Market 2016 Emerging Trends Size, Growth and Forecast to 2020

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 22, 2017 ) Interactive tables are also known as multi-touch tables. They are used to deliver collaborative learning in the education sector. Since the emergence of BYOD policies and the advent of touch screen devices in the education market, the practice of direct group interaction... more

Keyboard Market 2016 Geographical Segmentation, Size, Trends, Growth and Forecasts

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 22, 2017 ) A PC peripheral is a device that is connected externally to a PC to enhance its capabilities. Keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, routers, etc. are referred to as PC peripherals. A keyboard is an input device for a PC. The global keyboard market is experiencing... more

Data Center Microserver Market 2016 Geographical Segmentation, Size, Trends, Growth and Forecasts

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 22, 2017 ) A typical server consists of dual-power supplies, a redundant array of independent disks system, and an error-correcting code (ECC) memory, which are tested for operations by vendors. There have been several innovations in the design and manufacture of servers,... more

External Hard Disk Market 2016 Size, Trends, Growth, Analysis and Forecasts

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 22, 2017 ) HDDs are classified into different categories such as digital, magnetic, non-volatile, random access, and data storage devices. There are two types of HDDs: internal HDDs and external hard disks. An internal HDD is an HDD that resides inside a computer and stores... more

Computer-aided Design Market 2016 by Trends, Growth and Forecast to 2020

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 21, 2017 ) In the concept stage, CAD software is used to draw the first initial sketches of the product, leading to a better understanding of the product. The process involves the collaboration among several business units in the organization, leading to the adoption of cPDM.... more

Education PC Market 2016 Trend, Analysis and Overview

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 21, 2017 ) In the past few years, the use of PCs has increased because of the evolution of learning and teaching methodology. Educational institutions are developing innovative teaching methods and relevant IT tools for students and staff for improved efficiencies and learning... more

Solid State Drives as the New Industry Growth Driver

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 17, 2017 ) Factors such as proliferation of cloud computing, advantages of SSDs over HDDs, increase in the number of data centers, and rising big data applications are driving the growth of the solid state drives market. ♦Get Informative PDF Brochure: ôSATA... more

Digital Storage Devices Global Market Other Key Strategies By Type & Geography Analysis & Forecast to 2022

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 17, 2017 ) The Global Digital storage device Market is estimated as $1.36 billion in 2014 and is poised to reach $6.27 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 21.05 % from 2014 to 2022 .The arrival of cloud computing has given rise to trends such as enterprise mobility, Big... more

Commercial Router Market 2017 Trends, Growth and Forecast to 2021

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 16, 2017 ) A router is a networking device that performs the tasks of routing and forwarding information. It connects two or more logical subnets to the physical interfaces of the router. The growing Internet bandwidth has driven the increase in the number of mobile computing... more

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