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A Philanthropic 75% Christmas Discount Is Now Announced

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) San Diego, California -- With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Puna Inc, a leading manufacturer of assorted consumer products including digital instant-read meat thermometer, has today announced a 75% price discount on the meat thermometer that is available... more

Limited Time 70 Percent Sale On Kuisiware's Heat Resistant Gloves For The Winter Fancy Food Show

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Beaverton, Oregon -- A spokesperson for grill and kitchen ware company Kuisiware made an announcement this morning regarding a new 4-day promo that the company will hold in light of the upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, California. The promo, called... more

Mr. Muffin CEO On Tips For Cleaning Silicone Bakeware

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Los Angeles, California -- Silicone kitchen products are no doubt popular items today. Bakeware made from silicone are also becoming a choice among home bakers because of its flexibility and portability. Users also love how they are simple to clean and store. Because... more

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Keetzen Stainless Steel Can Opener Is Now Available For Sale On Amazon

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Pewaukee, Wisconsin -- The Keetzen stainless steel can opener is now available for sale on Amazon. The can opener boasts of an ergonomic design that makes the task of opening a can effortless. The days of struggling to open cans are over now that this manual can... more

HandS Brands LLC. Announces, Hands Brands Heat Resistant BBQ And Oven Glove Launch On

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Deer Park, NY -- HandS Brands LLC announced their second product on HandS Brands Silicone BBQ Gloves are part of company's Kitchen and Patio product line. These BBQ gloves are great tools for handling hot items around the kitchen according to company. Company... more

Angel Kitchen Utensils Announces Innovative Angel Osawe Spiral Vegetable Slicer Package.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Manchester, England -- Most people embarking on a fat-loss diet don't think about adding fat to their daily meals. In fact, that seems like the last thing to be thinking about. Isn't the point to get rid of fat? Why add more? Well, first of all, the point... more

Finesseur Shares Guide To Maintain Can Opener Quality And Functionality

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Oakland, CA -- Extending the life and usefulness of frequently used tools in the kitchen depends on how they are maintained. The can opener, for example, should be provided proper care and maintenance to ensure its performance and durability, and enable faster and... more

Simple Lemon Squeeze Lemon Squeezer Enjoys Stellar Reviews

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Saint Augustine, FL -- Always committed to offering the highest quality kitchen products, Simple Breakthrough is now enjoying the outstanding reviews as customers sing the praises of their most prominent product, the Simple Lemon Squeeze Lemon Squeezer. Currently... more

Krown Kitchenware Received 5 Star Seller Feedback!

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Round Rock, Texas -- Krown Kitchenware has just received another five star seller feedback review from on of their customers on Amazon. Krown has been selling their silicone grilling gloves on Amazon and they have received feedback from one of their customers.... more

Rodent Defense Mice Repellent 32 Oz Now Receiving Rave Reviews From Amazon Buyers.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 22, 2015 ) Carrollton, Texas -- Mice Repellent 32 oz bottle from Rodent Defense has gradually emerged as a top rated product in Created and tested with care by professional exterminators, the product offers a safe solution to all types of mice prevention needs. ... more

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The Dryer Vent Cleaning Modesto Wizard Exposes a Common Misconception when it comes to the Necessity for Dryer Repair

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 21, 2015 ) Modesto, CA -- The area dryer vent cleaning expert explains the reason why dryer repair might not be the solution to a typically experience clothes dryer dilemma. Contacting a dryer repair tech may possibly end up costing more money, particularly if they are not... more

The Modesto Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard Covers all the Bases

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 21, 2015 ) Modesto, CA -- The Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard is the top qualified dryer vent service professional in the nation. Along with dryer vent cleaning service for residences and businesses, the Wizard supplies comprehensive dryer vent installation and repair service. There... more

Fairfax Dryer Vent Cleaning Expert Itemizes the Warning Alerts of Dryer Fire

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 21, 2015 ) Fairfax, VA -- The Dryer Vent Cleaning Pro blends professional dryer vent service with guidance to diminish the likelihood of dryer fire hazards in the neighborhood. Major appliance manufacturers suggest annual dryer vent inspection and maintenance service to ensure... more

Herndon Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard makes known the Facts Pertaining to our Whiskered Friends

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 21, 2015 ) Herndon, VA -- The Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard is promoting an imperative notice to pet lovers. The truth about these delightful fuzzy friends is that pet hair together with dryer lint is a considerable fire hazard. Doug Bittner, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, details... more

Lovettsville Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard Tackles Dryer Problems Provoked by Lint Build-up

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 21, 2015 ) Lovettsville, VA -- The Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard is working to get the word out concerning the threat of excess lint in back of the clothes dryer. Merely mopping or vacuuming up this dingy mess is not enough to remove the danger. Obvious lint accumulated behind... more

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