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Research Investigates Personalized Pain Management Plans For Rheumatoid Arthritis

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Orlando, FL -- Statistics show that there are over 1.5 million individuals in the United States who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a majority of them being women. This condition can cause extreme inflammation and joint degradation among sufferers. Rheumatoid... more

The Arthritis Foundation Offers Buying Guide For Turmeric Supplements

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Orlando, FL -- Turmeric is an ancient spice that is widely used as a pain relief option among individuals who suffer from arthritis. There are many turmeric supplements widely available nowadays, and choosing the right product can potentially help sufferers achieve... more

CacheAlaska's Kickstand Case, Proves To Be Hit!

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Eagle River, AK -- CacheAlaska's Kickstand case for the iPhone 6 plus, is proving to be the "Must Have" feature for that new large screen phone case. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about this innovative new case. Customer's are finding... more

New Upgraded XtendaPower’s External Battery Charger Just Released

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Burbank , CA -- The XtendaPower External Battery Charger announces that its unit's charging technology has been upgraded so it both charges up, and expends its charge for smart phones faster. This fast charge unit is a solution for extra talk time for smart phones... more

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The New 7 Day Colon Cleanse Provides Answers To All Varieties Of Colon Issues Within A Week

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Miami, Florida -- Colon space is really important for human physical structure. Actually the colon space is handling the drainage system in the human body, so it is necessary to clean it always. Henceforth, another colon cleanse supplement has been launched into the... more

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Esimple Debuts Advanced, Best-in-Class IPhone Screen Protector

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Park Ave S , New York -- Esimple , the Amazon-based retailer of mobile accessories, today announced the debut of its new, advanced screen protector for the iPhone 6. Made of a unique, multi-layered plastic sheet, it is designed to fit the new contours of the iPhone... more

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Lloyd And Lucy Plan To Launch Pet Loyalty Club This Summer

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Weatherford, TX -- Matt Thompson, Director of Communications for Lloyd and Lucy's Pet Supplies, announced today that the company plans to launch a loyalty club in the summer of 2015. "Our company is all about serving and adding value to the consumer," Thompson... more

Haute Dawg Naturals Is Having A Grand Opening Sale

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Aliso Viejo, California -- Kassel Products, a Southern California based producer of upscale pet products, announced a limited time sale price on Haute Dawg Naturals. This limited time sale is effective through March 27, 2015 and features their 100% natural dog shampoo.... more

Epitomie Fitness Launches A Hand Strengthener For Musicians

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Sarasota, Florida -- Leading fitness gear manufacturer, Epitomie Fitness, leaked exciting news today that is sure to be music to the ears of musicians. The company, knowing that musicians require extreme finger strength and dexterity, has launched a finger exerciser... more

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Fitness Foam Roller For Runners Launched By Epitomie Fitness

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Sarasota, Florida -- The team at Epitomie Fitness, a company that has earned a reputation for making some of the hottest selling fitness gear, released big news to the general public today. The company has officially launched its Fitness Foam Roller around the world.... more

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Precision Music March Is Music Month Promotion Helps Aspiring Musicians

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Miami, Florida -- Precision Music launched its Clip on Guitar Tuner and Metronome late in 2014 and is really doing its part to support aspiring musicians. Music speed moderation and playing in tune are fundamental skills for the new musician to master. For the... more

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Roxgear Explains Sports Belt’s Significance To Hold Water Bottles

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Denver, Colorado -- In a press conference yesterday held at Denver, Colorado, Roxgear's CEO Gregg Holmes explained the significance of their sports running belt to hold bottles of water. His explanation was focused on the importance of bringing water for hydration... more

NightGlow Running Belt Encourages Outdoor Runners To Light Up To Avoid Accidents

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Miami, Florida -- As the days get shorter and shorter it becomes inevitable that some runs will be started or completed in the dark. At night, or in early morning hours, running on sidewalks or on the street can become a major safety hazard. For many years, runners... more

This Month The Power Inverter By X-Shade Is Down To 10% Off

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Miami, FL -- This power inverter from X-Shade is known for its capacity to charge electronic devices, gadgets and appliances at home during power outages. It can also be used as an electric back up during camping or other outdoor activities. It has 1300 watts volts... more

New Fahrenheit 932 Quality Heat Resistance Cooking Gloves Get Great Reviews On

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 17, 2015 ) Granada Hills, California -- Recently Kohbi announced the arrival of new Fahrenheit 932 Barbeque Gloves on These 932 degrees Fahenheit rated heat resistant gloves immediately attracted the attention of consumers looking for a versatile product that provides... more

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